Gearing Up

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today was the first real ride I was able to take on my bike.  This past week I worked on getting it ready- installing front & rear lights, a water bottle rack, an odometer/speedometer, & adjusted the brakes.

I couldn’t get the front brakes to line up correctly,  so I just took them off this morning before riding into work. I was able to get the brakes adjusted at a bike shop, and got some air in my tires. Apparently the PSI is supposed to be ridiculously high- 100psi, and I was only around 40.

I picked up a sweet bike jersey that I was able to justify purchasing because it will pay homage to the city I called home for over 2 years, after I move to boston:

I also picked up some riding shorts,  which I am very much looking forward to. I’ve done a lot of bike rides in the past without them and it never felt good after! I also  picked up an inner tube, a repair kit, and a tire pry. All pretty cheap, and I’ll be glad I have them in case I get a flat in the middle of the 125 mile ride!

Donations are coming along slowly, but they are coming in- thanks for your support everyone! My training is going well,  and I’m thinking about signing up for a bike race in Philly for August.


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