Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

So the last few days I’ve been getting ready for the Gran Fondo, making sure my bike is in order.  After I got my tires inflated to the proper PSI I found them completely flat 2 days later. Frustrated, but glad at the opportunity to learn how to remove the tires & replace the inner tubes, I watched a couple of youtube videos & went to work. I patched up both tires, and reinstalled them, only to my dismay to find one of them immediately go flat again… I went to the bike shop and learned that the “bead” in my wheel was plastic (aka cheap) and was the cause of the punctures to my inner tubes at the high PSI. I had cloth tape installed, and went about installing new inner tubes & replaced the tires.

I also installed a second bottle rack (the idea of a camelback over long distance has become less appealing to me), so I figure between two bottles & the pit stations, I’ll be fine.  I also replaced the bike computer because the last one wasn’t working and attached a mini air pump to the frame. I’ve picked up gatorade, some energy-type goo stuff, cliff bars, stocked up my saddle bag, etc. I’m ready to go!!

Here’s hoping for a sub 6-hour time!


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