Radnor Red Run Results

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

After putting in a 66 mile training ride on Saturday, by the time I was getting ready for bed I wasn’t so sure anymore about getting up and running Sunday morning. 6 hours later, at 6am I wrestled with my desire to sleep versus getting up, and finally made the decision to go out and do the run. I figured it would be 40 minutes of misery, but I would feel better for it afterwords.

And I do. I was proud to complete my first 5k ever- and a steeplechase at that- in a better than expected time. The race was called a steeplechase because it was a course that they race horses on, complete with log jumps and water pits. It was a pretty tough race, and I made the mistake of thinking the race was over when we approached the finish line, not realizing we had another loop to do- and so I started sprinting, only to realize that we were nowhere near done. Not giving up at that point was pretty hard- I had just used up a lot of my energy. Somehow I stuck with it through the jumps, and hills and water traps filled with mud, and mustered a 30:45- not bad for putting in the 66 mile ride yesterday and only being 5 months out from knee surgery!

Next Up: Scenic Schuykill Century

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