New Bike, New Training

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Recently I was able to get a new bike from a co-worker who doesn’t ride anymore. It’s not a top of the line bike, but its definately an upgrade.  It’s a lot lighter than my old bike, and its a larger frame. I was told by employees of a bike shop that the frame is too large for me and could cause lower back pain, but they also observed that my old bike’s frame was too small. So far I haven’t had any pain from it, and I feel a lot more efficient, so I think I’ll be all set. If need be, I can always adjust the stem & handlebars in the future.

Since getting this bike I’ve been focusing on hill climbs in preparation for my upcoming rides (Schuylkill Century- 100 miles Sept 11 & Harbor to the Bay- 125 miles Sept 25). I’m finding that I feel stronger already on the hills, and I think I’ll be okay for the Schuylkill Century, which is coming up sooner, and will likely be a hillier course. I’m using the cool website, which allows me to map my rides, and more importantly, it displays the elevation of a given route.

Unfortunately my fundraising has stalled- if you can help me reach my goal of raising $500 for AIDS research & health care please donate here I only need to raise another $75. Thanks!

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