100 miles down, 125 to go!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

So last weekend I completed the Scenic Schuylkill Century- a 103 mile bike ride that left from Philadelphia and looped out to Schwenksville and back.

I found  the ride to be pretty good  and really enjoyed the challenge of completing my first century (a 100 mile ride). Everything went better about this ride than the Gran Fondo, for a lot of reasons: 1) I’ve been training since the Gran Fondo- making sure to hit the hills, 2) I stopped at each of the 5 rest stops, and made sure to fully hydrate and eat throughout the ride, 3) The weather was beautiful,  4) The course, although hilly, was spread over longer gradual climbs, versus the dramatic rises and falls in the Gran Fondo (even so, there was still over 5,600 feet of climbing) and 5) My new bike felt good to ride. I felt cramped on the old frame, and it was significantly heavier. Getting this bike was definitely a good move!!

I met a couple of cool old timers who told me about their cross country bikes they did back in the day, and I got some encouragement from one of them, who told me finishing a century in under 8 hours is a solid benchmark, especially for a first timer,- and I came in just over at  8hr 20 minutes!

Probably more than anything, I’m really starting to build some confidence in my riding. The Gran Fondo showed me I could gut out a really tough ride, and this one showed me I could do well. I passed lots of folks during the ride and I even passed people on some of the climbs- and they never passed me again. Riding rocks! Bring on the 125!!


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