Injury & Upcoming Events

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

So yesterday my body told me I’ve been pushing it too hard these past couple of weeks. Wednesday morning I strained my back on the Cybex Bravo machine I use in the gym, and in the evening I got major pain in my left knee after pushing myself on a 5 mile run. I’ve done research online and it seems that its likely that the knee pain is Illiotiabil Band Syndrome.

I was able to still paddle Wednesday night, but had a terrible time with stairs on Thursday. I’m icing my knee and resting Thurs/Fri to try to recover as much as possible before my team’s dragonboat races this weekend.

I have a full schedule over the next few weeks, so I’m hoping I can fully recover in time:

Sept 11th- 100 mile ride (done)

Sept 18th- Dragonboat races

September 25th- 125 mile ride

October 3rd- Duathlon

Hoping for the best- I want to take advantage of these last weeks of warm weather!


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